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It is the graph of the range of measurement equipment. 
The range to measure can be seen at a glance.

Products Line
1 Glass softening point automatic measuring system Model SPM-71
2 Glass parallel plate viscometer Model PPVM-1100
3 Glass softening point & strain automatic measuring system Model SSPM-31
4 Ball raising type viscometer Model BVM-12
5 Ball raising type high temperature viscometer Model BVM-13LH
6 Outer case rotational type high temperature viscometer Model RVM-10
7 High temperature needle injection type viscometer Model PVM-1400
8 Pivot type high temperature viscometer Model PVM-5
9 Ultra-wide range viscometer Model WRVM-313
10 High temperature glass parallel plate rotation type viscometer Model PRVM-1500
11 Glass crystallization testing equipment Model GDT-1000
12 High temperature electrical conductivity measuring equipment Model ECH-1000
13 Glass strain tester Model SV-100
14 Glass and plastic strain tester Model SV-200Q
15 Glass strain measuring equipment Model SVL-201



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